Sue Songer plays piano in Joyride as well as in other configurations.  Joyride is a piano band, and therefore, needs a piano.  If Joyride is playing, a piano is necessary.  Unless specifically arranged with Sue personally, it will be assumed that event organizers and producers will provide either a standard “real” piano in good tuning and condition or a piano keyboard which meets the following criteria provided by Sue herself.

Keyboard Specifications

In order of importance, here are the needs for a perfect keyboard set up:

*Keyboard with 88 weighted keys, damper pedal, and all necessary cables.

*Extension cord and multiple outlet box. Sometimes the sound crew has this, but I don’t leave it to chance.

*Stand for the keyboard

*Piano bench—preferably adjustable height

*Small monitor that is dedicated to the keyboard

*Some means of attaching the pedal to the floor so that it doesn’t move around. A small rug (with gripping backing) will work. Or lots of duct tape.