Joyride dances will be Mask-Optional dances.  Those who feel more protected wearing a mask are encouraged to do so.  Those who are comfortable dancing without a mask are likewise encouraged to follow their dreams.  Click for Covid protocol details.

Another new feature is our ability to take admission via either cash or Venmo.  Maybe someday we’ll be able to tap a credit card or phone, but not yet.  Just cash or Venmo.

  Joyride is a Portland Oregon contra dance band known for fun, skilled play, tunes fit to dance figures, and ringing, rocking, gorgeous melodies that make you want to move. George Penk’s fiddle, Erik Weberg’s flute, harmonica and bombarde, Sue Songer’s piano and fiddle, and Jeff Kerssen-Griep’s guitar and percussion breathe big life into modern and traditional tunes for dances, weekends, and festivals. 

Since 2006, Joyride hosts great callers and happy dancers at their monthly First Wednesdays Contra Dance party, held at the Portland Polish Library Association’s dance hall each September through June. This band loves creating a great experience for everyone. The callers we host are special people to us. Each month we look forward to the unique joy they each bring to our dancers and the welcome that our dancers extend to our callers.  Catch a lift with Joyride at home or on the road!

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