Covid Re-entry

Below is a description of our Covid protocols:

  • Masks are now optional for dancers and performers alike (June, 2023). We will designate a mask-required line for dancers who are more comfortable dancing with other masked dancers. Aside from that major set, the event will be mask-optional.
  • Proof of vaccination is required for entry to the event
  • You will need to have provided contact information and have signed a waiver
  • If you have been to a Joyride or other contra or English dance in Portland during the pandemic, you will be in the database and will not need to bring your proof of vaccination, sign a new waiver or re-provide contact information.  If you’re not sure, then bring proof of vaccination and you can take care of the waiver and contact info at the gig
  • Pre-registration is not requested for this event

We’re very happy that we’ve now played contra dances since April 2022 with no adverse effects and we’re looking forward to our series continuing. Please check back to this space for latest accurate information with regard to the Joyride First Wednesday dance series and whatever covid protocols are implemented.

Your vaccination status, liability waiver and contact information will be collected at the door and entered into a PCDC database (also used by non-PCDC events, like Joyride events). Once you have provided this information at any Portland dance you do not need to do so again when attending subsequent dances. The database will be shared among all dance events and when a dancer presents at the door, their name will be searched in the database. – If a person’s name is in the database, then they will be admitted into the dance to pay their admission and enjoy their evening. – If a person’s name is not in the database, they will be required to provide all of that information prior to being admitted to the dance. – If a person is not in the database and can’t or refuses to provide the necessary information, then they will not be admitted into the dance. There are no exceptions to this protocol, even for performers. No credentials, you stay outside.

To avoid a long line at the door while we process information, please consider arriving a little early. We’ll do our best to be efficient.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We’re so very much looking forward to continuing our First Wednesday dance series.