Covid Re-entry

We regret that due to the current surge in Covid cases and the enhanced transmission of the delta variant, we need to postpone our series reopening and cancel the November 3 dance. On December 1 we will host a concert at the Polish Hall. We’re hopeful that we can dance on January 5, 2022. Please check back to this space for latest accurate information with regard to the Joyride First Wednesday dance series.

The following information will eventually be pertinent to our opening gig, so we’ll leave it in place for now…

All attendees at Portland English and Contra dances will be required to: 1) Provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination including dates. That is, bring your CDC vaccination card. 2) Sign a liability waiver protecting dance organizers from lawsuit in the case that anyone comes down with Covid-19. 3) Provide contact information (name, email address, phone number) in the case that contact tracing becomes necessary

Your vaccination status, liability waiver and contact information will be collected at the door and entered into a PCDC database. Once you have provided this information at any Portland dance you do not need to do so again when attending subsequent dances. The database will be shared among all dance events and when a dancer presents at the door, their name will be searched in the database. – If a person’s name is in the database, then they will be admitted into the dance to pay their admission and enjoy their evening. – If a person’s name is not in the database, they will be required to provide all of that information prior to being admitted to the dance. – If a person is not in the database and can’t or refuses to provide the necessary information, then they will not be admitted into the dance. There are no exceptions to this protocol, even for performers. No credentials, you stay outside.

These protocols are put into place in order to protect dancers, performers and staff from outbreak of Covid-19 and its variants. To avoid a long line at the door while we process information, please arrive after 7:00 but well before 7:30. We’ll do our best to be efficient. After a month or so of Portland dance events, the database will have grown so that most everyone who attends will be included and will show up on a search. But for the first couple of Joyride gigs, please arrive early and be patient while these protocols are enacted.

Masks, distancing and social contact: Although we’re opening our dance series to vaccinated dancers and not requiring masks or distancing (per CDC guidelines), there are dancing friends among us who may not be completely comfortable with the crowded, joyful scene familiar at our Joyride dances. If a person is wearing a mask or gloves, they are not to be confronted, ridiculed or “educated” into an alternative choice. If a person is not quick to return physical contact (a hug, for example), please don’t force the issue. Look for consent, now more than ever. People have changed during the pandemic, permanently or not. It is our responsibility to accept our friends where they are at and not impose any of our own beliefs or knowledge or suggestions on them. If you receive any negative reaction to your keeping yourself safe, please let one of us (working the door, doing sound, calling or playing) know. We will address the situation. We want everyone to have a safe, fun evening during re-entry into dancing.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We’re so very much looking forward to hosting our First Wednesday dance series once again.