Nearly all of our callers since Spring 2022 have opted to use gender-neutral terms in their teaching and prompting.  Assume gender-neutral calling unless otherwise indicated below.  

Date                                       Location                                Caller                      

June 5, 2024                 Polish Hall            PDF Flier                   Koren Wake

September 4, 2024     Polish Hall                                       Susan Michaels

November 1-3, 2024                 Monterey, CA              Foggy Moon Weekend

November 15-17 , 2024            Portland, OR               Rose City Dance A Rama

December 31, 2024     Fulton CC, Portland.   Laurel Thomas and Shell Stowell
(That’s New Year’s Eve. Tuesday night. The next day, January 1, we’ll not have a dance at Polish Hall even though it is first Wednesday.)

February 7-9, 2025                  Seattle, WA                        SuperSonic Dance Weekend

Please see our post-pandemic dance reentry page Covid19 

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