Nearly all of our callers since Spring 2022 have opted to use gender-neutral terms in their teaching and prompting.  Assume gender-neutral calling unless otherwise indicated below.  

Date                                       Location                                Caller

October 4, 2023           Polish Hall          PDF Flier            Jesse Partridge

November 1, 2023       Polish Hall         PDF Flier            William Watson

December 6, 2023        Polish Hall                                     Suzanne Girardot

December 9, 2023          Olympia, WA                               Jesse Partridge

January 3, 2024             Polish Hall                                      Susan Petrick

January 20, 2024            Corvallis, OR

February 7, 2024            Polish Hall

March 6, 2024              Polish Hall 

April 3, 2024               Polish Hall 

May 1, 2024                 Polish Hall 

June 5, 2024                 Polish Hall 

November 1-3, 2024       Monterey, CA      Foggy Moon Weekend

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